Advanced Energy Practices

Through webinars, practice sessions and apprenticeship we will develop skills and tools that:

• Open our Soul’s invitation to expand
• Uncover personal blocks, obstacles, and learning points to more fully integrate our energy system
• Heighten intuition, sensitivity, and deepen our awareness
• Understand and balance emotional reactions and responses, unifying these with our mind, body and spirit
• Explore the boundaries of our fields, and the ways in which our fields interact with others’ fields; and increasing the connection with our Soul and the Souls of others

*This is a program for those who have had a Soul Recognition and choose to bring the soul’s presence into each action and relationship. This course is a pre-requisite for those choosing to become Soul Recognition Facilitators.

Options for participation include attending Soul Recognition events as a learning tool for developing skills in areas of sensitivity and presence.
Fees will be dependent on the choices made for learning/study, and will be discussed during your interview.

A personal interview is necessary to participate.
Call Flo Aeveia for more information: 802-722-9554 or